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With SoundCloud being the number one place for well known artists as well as up and coming artists to add their music to it makes it slightly hard for your music to be heard without promotion which is why we allow you to purchase SoundCloud plays. Millions of new people are signing up to this network each month and on average they will add three tracks to begin with. This means that your chance of being noticed above the millions of others out there who are all looking to do the same thing become slim which is why you can purchase SoundCloud plays from our company so you are someone who is noticed and talked about across other social networks and forums, this will generate more plays to your tracks. Spending the time marketing your own music and trying to direct people to your account can be very time consuming and hard if you do not have the right resources and or experience in marketing which is why you should seriously consider choosing our company to purchase SoundCloud plays from. We have been very successful in being able to market clients so their songs not only get shared across different music forums and networks but also trend. We help each and every client that comes to our website understand the importance of building what we call a healthy account but we also guide and show them exactly how they can do it in their spare time if they wish to. Make the right choice today and buy SoundCloud plays from our company.


Clearly the quickest way to increase the amount of plays you receive would be to buy fast SoundCloud plays from our company but if you really wanted to go at it alone but still see results in a speedy manner then you should be doing the following :

1. Make sure that you are sharing each song that you upload on different social networks that are available to you such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Make sure that the music you are uploading is different to others and really stands out as most of the time you will see that the songs in which are trending are very unique.

3. You need to be responding to peoples comments on your tracks as they will feel ” special “. This will encourage them to listen and comment on other songs that you have and new ones that you upload.

4. Have your friends, family, followers and fans share your songs through their own social media pages. This will direct a lot of traffic to your profile which will not only lead to more plays but also more followers, downloads, likes, comments and re posts.

5. Stay very active on your account, upload as many tracks as you possible can but keep them well balanced as well as unique. You have to show people that you are serious about your tracks and this alone could lead to a lot of success coming your way.

The above are very simple but very effective ways in which you can gain SoundCloud plays for your songs. We have an around the clock customer support team who will also share with you different ways in which you can grow your account and have success with receiving plays.


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